colin goddard

Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety at work:

0:05 – Don’t be a pansy and dwell on it… 50 Cent got shot more times than you and he turned it into something positive; a few-hundred-million dollar business.

gun-control-works0:14 – Professional victim Colin Goddard’s token appearance. “I heard you guys were doing something to do with gun control?  I WANT IN.  PLEEEEEEEEASE?”.  I bet Colin never even rubbed Bio-Oil on those scars, just so they would turn out the scariest and he could use them to score TV spots and gun control chicks.



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While dancing on Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting blood:

I don’t like to talk about shootings much on the blog, but I figured you guys would get a kick out of the video.

Yea Colin we get it, you were shot in 2007 at Virginia Tech… no one cares.  You’re alive and should be treating every day as a gift to do something productive with your life, not create more victims such as yourself.

gun-control-works0:35 – OMG… “common sense public safety measures”  hahah yea here we go again.  The criminals are shaking in their boots that you’re going to be able to prevent them from committing crimes by imposing more laws!

1:18 – “requiring a background check” – *yawn*… next…



Except he’s incredibly boring, has a dead end career, and only got shot 4 times.

What is one question you would ask President Obama and Governor Romney about gun violence in America? Is the question…

A bunch of random bozos jumped at the chance to get behind the mic and attempt to look intelligent:

Wow… painful video.  I was praying someone was going to troll the shit out of him and say something like “I would ask them why criminals can easily get their hands on shoulder things that go up, high capacity assault clips, and exploding long range anti-aircraft bullets”

Maybe it would be a better angle to not blame guns?   Food for thought Colin and company.

Is the Brady Campaign grooming this guy to take the reigns sooner or later?

Hat tip: Weerd (where he also responded to the questions)