This got some people riled up:

If you want to put a compensator on a 9mm subcompact I really couldn’t be any happier for you.  It’s nice we can do whatever we want in this country with our money.

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Thoughts?  If you need me this weekend I’ll be with my Glock 26… polishing my slide serrations, getting speed holes cut all over, getting a grip reduction, and mounting an RMR and laser / light combo.  Man, all I can say is my Calvin-pissing-on-the-S&W-logo carbon fiber slide plate better come quickly.

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Oh yea and warning, you might also learn something.

Head over to GearScout where they drop some knowledge on the different types of muzzle devices.  As usual GearScout delivers in the photography department too, serving up a an ample amount of dreamy DSLR photos of a handful of different devices.

You get paid today right?  I say treat yourself to that new muzzle device you’ve been salivating over, and while you’re at it why not treat yourself to an ENDO t-shirt?  Yea I tactically snuck that last bit in there. :P



No these are not photoshops, they are all available for purchase.

Yes those are muzzle breaks on all them, and Yes those things are meant to counter the effects of recoil and barrel rise.

Why on a .22 LR and a .17 HMR you ask?  Good question.. must be due to decades worth of public outcry for some manufacturer to step up to the plate and tame the mighty beast which is rimfire.


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more hilarious… I give you the bead sight on the 500 road blocker:


Of course the beat sight resides on the muzzle break because if it was on the barrel where it belongs it would be eclipsed by that massive chuck of metal screwed onto the end of it, and you wouldn’t be able to aim.

All of the guns listed are available on their website – HERE