The gun store guys gripe some more about their customers:

My thoughts:

0:30 – Telling your customer the gun will hold X rounds but then not telling them about the plug, and getting mad when they come back is a dick move.

1:08 – Telling someone to read the manual is condescending, rather than actually helping them in the first place.  Everyone knows it’s there if they wanted to use it.

2:25 – Loading rounds in the magazine backwards.  hehe what is this H&K?… funny stuff.  Not worth making fun of someone over if you run a gun store though.

2:57 – Lady didn’t know she had to pull the trigger to make the gun shoot.  Yea that’s kind of dumb.. but again if you don’t like dumb questions you shouldn’t own a gun store or business of any kind that caters to the public.

4:45 – Not being able to figure out how to get into the box of ammo is kind of dumb, but in his defense those boxes are more confusing than a cardboard box.

Towards the end of the video Barry (pictured left) talks about how theoretically the round could fire if you tried to chamber a round that was in the magazine backwards.  I was skeptical so I actually just tried this slowly with my G17, and sure enough the round pops up pretty nicely and looks like the primer could strike a corner of the barrel, or even slam into the top of the slide and fire.



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What Vince Cefalu should do, is start a blog! That will kill some time. I’m sure they would frown on a style blog though, so he better just make it about one of his hobbies.