corridor digital

Corridor Digital with the short:

Corridor-DigitalI don’t play Metal Gear so I didn’t “get” the video.  Figured some of you guys would get a kick out of it and explain it to me.


Corridor-DigitalDespite always liking what Corridor Digital does, I wrote this vid off initially because of the name and implied premise.  I was wrong to though, because it delivered.  The humor is on point, music is top notch, great production value, and nice effects of course.


Corridor Digital does it up:

I feel like this is something I’ve seen from them and others a hundred times before, but it was still cool because the VFX were top notch and they actually used a whole bunch of hilarious / different weapons.  I wonder how long it takes them to make a video like this from start to finish now?  It sure looks like a lot of work but they have a lot of different guys doing different tasks so who knows.

Here’s an interesting “behind the scenes” showing the programs and techniques they used:

Corridor-DigitalCool stuff.  Thoughts?


Corridor Digital really did a nice job on this:

Behind the scenes:

GTA-Corridor-DigitalVery surprising it was all filmed on a GoPro with various extended poles.

It’s interesting that they can fly below the radar and avoid getting permits to film. Also funny, since they have their lawyer there. My guess is they rarely get hassled because they are probably very safe and respectful. Probably the worst case scenario is a small fine in the event they were to get caught and the police officer wasn’t down with the cause.

3:00 – Man I’m seeing those two wheeled self balancing scooters everywhere now.  They look dangerous and fun.  I imagine there will be a lot of cracked heads from those this summer.


The struggle is real:

ghillie-suit-sniper1:34 – Oh shit it’s our buddy Richard Ryan bout to hurt that poor woman! :P

Corridor Digital always delivers in the visual department that’s for sure.


Yea you can always count on Corridor Digital for quality gun related entertainment.  They did a nice job on this.  Especially impressive since it’s one take!

That paintball / airsoft park (Hollywood Sports Park) looks pretty sick, wow.

While watching it I was pretty sure they used a drone, but it was nice to have that verified and see the full behind the scenes below: