costa ludus

Dude really rebranded himself as a tactical zaddy type figure.¬† Here he is at a recent *checks notes* “Tactical Lever Action” class ūü§Ē

The bootcut jeans and little low pony / man bun thing (or whatever you want to call it), is definitely a vibe. He must have a strict thirst trap content schedule on his Costa Ludus IG page, because it’s a steady cadence of them surrounded by random training and gun pics. The single dad energy is off the charts.

If I ever see him at an event in real life I’m gonna be like ūüó£”drop it low like you did in Japan!” and see if he obliges.

Happy to see he’s still healthy and getting after the money.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Chris Costa x London Bridge Trading (LBT INC) x LBX Tactical:

Oh sorry about the title, my bad it’s not a backpack… it’s a “System” because it has numerous parts. ¬†I realize the Derp satchel for life helmets was made for a different purpose, but regardless I think it’s safe to say his mom and his two aunts were the only customers. ¬†This collab looks a hell of a lot better and is more functional.

3:51 – Please tell me he has Skittles rubberbanded to the other side of that CTR stock.


He tries to sell the “discrete” aspect of it a whole bunch though. ¬† Sure the large bag part of the “system” is not going to scream “rifle” to soccer moms and emo mall rats… but for those¬†who are familiar with rifle bags you know damn well he’s not carrying around XXL pepperoni sticks, and jumbo freezer pops in a bag profile like that (although highly recommended by ENDO).


Costa is so high speed and his drag is so minimal.  Watching him run in slow motion is like watching a mechanical tactical humanized grey wolf hunt down prey.

The price is $275 for the bag over on the LBX Tactical site. Other components of the “system” are extra.



If you’re not spinning your flashlight when you pull it out, you’re not keeping it 100 while operating:

Unlike the rest of the handgun guys in the video, Costa naturally operates with 2 lights… one with the spinner gizmo, and one on his handgun:


Smith Optics sunglasses? ¬†wtf? ¬†Is that a marketing play by Smith to try and position themselves as the “New Oakley” for high-speed-low-drag operators?

Here is a video on tactical technique:

haha 2-legit.

I wonder if that would be considered illegal in states that brass knuckle possession is outlawed?  Looks like you could definitely do some damage if you punched someone with that gizmo on your hand.

You can read more about / purchase the Switchback flashlight gizmo for Surefire flashlights over at Thyrm.

homer-jump-sharkI have ideas for a tactical cheese grater, and a next level diaper changing station… I’m thinking about seeing if Costa would co-sign either for 3% (negotiable of course) royalties.

Hat tip: Joseph


All the operator wannabes will be wearing this in 3…2….1…

It’s called Rock Tape, and former Magpul instructor and operator heart throb Chris Costa endorses it through his company Costa Lupus. ¬†This is what it is apparently supposed to accomplish:

When applied to an area of the body, Rocktape improves circulation. This increase in circulation helps reduce fatigue or can help accelerate the healing process. Rocktape can also be used to help prevent injuries by providing extra stability to a joint without reducing range of movement. With Rocktape, athletes are able to perform stronger, longer.

Fair enough. ¬†I don’t claim to know much about anything… but I do know that to the average person you’ll just look like a douchebag with flamboyant looking tape on your arm.

I’d just love to show up at some training classes and do a RockTape check just for my own enjoyment to see who’s drinking the Kool-Aid. ¬†Right or wrong, you’re guaranteed to hear stuff like “Yea man, RockTape changed my life. ¬†I operate in longer operations with less fatigue than before”.

Since I do nothing impressive with my time, I just might pick up some tape to wrap my drinking arm up and see how it preforms.



Buck and Chris flirt on camera about Costa’s Carbine Employment II course:

Shoulder rolls and t-shirt pulls in full effect on Buck’s side. ¬†I think I caught a glimpse of that t-shirt on the rack in the ladies department at Forever 21. It was a dress though and it came with a wide neon pink belt.

Buck looked like he wanted to kiss Costa toward the end of¬†the¬†video… I was getting worried.

No photographers endangered though, so all in all it was a good informative video.



Watch Chris Costa destroy a course of fire and take notice of the photographer:

I gave Buck Yeager a lot of flack for putting photographers down range, and more recently VigilantSpectre, but it seems that Costa does the same thing.¬† Granted I wouldn’t consider Costa’s example anywhere near as dangerous. ¬†Both Costa and Yeager are pretty famous in the shooting world, and obviously very skilled.

Is there some new standard of safety I wasn’t let in on, for advanced operators?¬† I don’t even plan on attaining that status, nor do I ever plan on being a down range photographer, but I would just like to know what’s up. ¬†Even tier 1 operators mess up… a perfect example is when Costa slipped at 0:15. ¬†Sure I’ve seen the Magpul videos, and he does flip it from Fire to Safe like a ninja every time he moves.

It’s impossible to tell where the photographer is after 0:15, but i’m hoping she moved out of the way, as he is shooing across the range from that point on. ¬†Maybe she stuck around to get a good pic though? ¬†Who knows. *shrug*