I ain’t mad at this:

It’s catchy, the production value of the video is high, and the lyrics are pro-gun… what’s not to like? The guy even has an operator beard. Bro do you even?

iTunes has it listed as “country”… It sounds like rap-country to me but I guess there’s not a tag for that.  I know that new country isn’t like old country, but this is straight rap with a twang.  I checked out his other video The Muddy Muddy, and it’s the same idea; catchy, high production value, and basically rap lyrics with a twang.

The lines between country and other genres are sure being blurred in the last 5-10 years.


Hat tip: Christopher


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Behold the awesomeness:

Colt 1911 Government Model, 24k Gold Artwork with blackened patinaed highlights! <— Hello Darlin’

I would open carry that thing like a boss.

If I had the $4000 to blow on guns right now i’d actually buy two, and pick up a NY reload holster just to take the outlandishness that extra mile.

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One of my favorite Twitty joints:


When I told my mom Toby Keith was coming out with a new album, she was excited. She has the rest of his albums, and my parents have seen him in concert a few times.  When I told her the name of the new album was related to my blog, and I was going to write a post about it, she was excited again.

Although I don’t normally listen to anything other than rap, I can appreciate all types of music.  As far as country music goes I’d have to say Toby Keith is one of my favorites.

Not only does he play a mean guitar, and have a great voice, he also puts a lot of effort into supporting our troops.

The title track doesn’t disappoint:

The reviews on the internet seem to be very positive.  I thought it was pretty funny how even in the great review the Washington Post gave it, the writer had to get an anti-gun dig in by calling the album “regrettably titled”… that’s coming from a guy with a hyphenated surname. I’m imagining an argument the writer had with his wife, who told him that when they got married he had to get rid of his guns and take her last name.  Finally, she agreed to compromise and let him keep his maiden name only if he added hers.. but the guns HAD to go.

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