USCCA doing these “cover vs concealment” vids now.  The choices seem pretty random, here are a couple examples:

Lil-Wayne-Whoopi-GoldbergFirewood, cases of water bottles, cases of soda, dresser full of clothes, interior doors etc.  Seems like a good way to reach a video quota haha.

Thoughts?  I think they should do a “short bus full of rotten eggs”, and then “prison laundry hamper full of soiled pillows mixed with improvised weapons” as their next videos to keep with the randomness.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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For operators by operators:



BeardAway-3Another April fools joke, but I’m sure people are lining up to buy this.  The company who makes it is called Applied Orange, and they operate out of the Netherlands.

The velcro patch is definitely a good feature.  People love patches.  Looks like MilSpec Monkey (the patch king) in the pics.

Hat tip: Dutch Defence Press


FXhummel1 gun-covers a Smashing Pumpkins song:

I feel like I say the same good things about FXhummel everytime I post a video of his.  It’s not just because he wears my t-shirts either.  The dude is just good.  

This song he’s covering (Bullet With Butterfly Wings) really brings back some memories for me.  I liked Smashing Pumpkins a lot back in the day, before I got into rap and never looked back.  Maybe Fxhummel1 will bust a couple rhymes for ENDO some day?  I have some classic beats i’d like to hear you rhyme over if you’re interested.

Can anyone read lips? What is he saying at the end?



What a sweet little innocent 17 year old girl. I bet that pic will be going on her Christmas cards this year.


Family Matters meets Call Of Duty:

Be Carl Winslow, and take care of business on the PS3.



Source: Panopticist – HERE