Vehicle CQB with William Petty:

0:39 – Awww yea temple index… there it is right there man.  With a duck hat none the less!

1:52 – Damn that would be a bad day in traffic.

Looks like something different!  I see they are putting sim rounds in play too, so that probably is helpful.  Fail for not having more footage of those girls though amirite guys? :P

William-Petty-Vehicle-CQB-ShootingI had no idea who William Petty was when I started the video, and uncharacteristically (for me) after watching it I actually did care so I looked him up.  To summarize, he was in Law Enforcement and trained cops in Albuquerque NM, then he relocated to Abu Dhabi UAE to work as a counter terrorism instructor with the government there.  He’s seemingly back stateside now lighting it up on the range, mixing it up with vehicles.


Gat tip: Tim

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All the benefits of a pistol, in an AR-15 rifle:

If you couldn’t tell… I was trolling.  I know this thing is 100% useless haha.  So awesome though these guys made it just because.

The best parts are that you can see the tip of the bullet extending out past the “barrel”, and the gas tube sticks out past the end of the barrel too hahahha.

friday-damnI want to see footage of it being shot at night.  The fireball must be incredible.

This is one of those things that even though there is no point to and it wouldn’t even be remotely accurate, I bet if they had some for sale right now people would buy them.


Gat tip: James


Mattv2099 cheats death:

I know he’s still alive after this because he Instagrammed a pic since then.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelIf you have to constantly clear dangerous feeds, deal with surprise single shot mode, and hammer your gun with a KA-Bar to get it to work again… it’s probably best getting rid of and let it be someone else’s novelty problem.

Zip probably hates Matt so much.  Either that or they live by the “Any press is good press” motto.  I don’t see how terrible press 100% of the time could be good, but what do I know.

Like I said in the comments on his video just now – “You have the patience of an operational saint.”



Gotta hit em with the stunna punch:

*Waaaaapap* *blam blam blam*.  Drills like this seem real derpy considering the “attacker” might not just be standing there and not moving the whole time while this guy fumbles a reload and slowly retreats backward.

Here’s a high-speed alternative:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15LOL holy ok that was quick.  Right up near the face, derp scan, ninja moves and the whole bit.  10/10 would operate with. :P


Gat tip: no uno


Even in theory this looks like complete LSHD shit to me.  What do I know though?

Why does the instructor have his finger on the trigger a lot of the time?  Quite unprofessional.

My thoughts:

1:23 – “If I pulled the trigger the firearm probably malfunctioned” – UHHHHH no, it would have fired… it just wouldn’t have chambered another round or ejected that spent casing.

2:18 – “I cover the weapon… Ok? I cover my own weapon” – Hmmm I’ll pass on that advice bro. LOL

2:33 – Shooting while holding your own slide ON PURPOSE… oh lawd. *face palm*

4:47 – So this instructor is so professional he can’t even tell the difference between 9mm and .40?  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend that was just to fill otherwise dead air in the video at that point, and let the viewers know what caliber at the same time.

5:08 – Man… so much can go wrong when you’re setting up this DERP grip.  First of all if your finger is out of the trigger guard (where it should be) you now officially wrapped your other hand around it… keeping it from going in the trigger guard when you WANT to fire.  So you loosen the grip when you want to put your finger in?  Plus you have to worry about the meat on your palm not hanging over the front at all in the heat of the moment.

At certain points in the video I lost track of whether this guy was trying to sell me a used car, or a handgun CQB technique.

Gracie-Survival-Tactics-Jujitsu-HandgunWhen is this guy going to come out with a two gripped handgun?  Seems like the next logical step considering this method is apparently the best.

Gracie Survival Tactics is the place you can train if you like the idea of this.

Thoughts?  Would try in your own operations?

Hat tip: Adrian


The defenders of the derp attempt to “educate” all of us once again:

I’m not buying the fact that new guy is actually as retarded as the rest of them are.  I’m pretty sure he’s an ATF mole, sent to take down Vigilant Spectre from the inside.  Operation “Spectre Sphincter”.

4:32 – “Quit bullying people you DERP dick”   hahaha they are using the words I use to describe them, on themselves!

I don’t care how many times these weapons were verified safe, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these guys doing this kind of stuff.