This is the pic.  Apparently it’s a BB gun:


The original tweet:

@JColeNC retweet me and I’ll buy Born Sinner.  Don’t retweet me and I’ll kill my lil sister.

Yea that actually happened…  Twitter user @_TzC_ is obviously a few braincells short.  The internet is such serious business.

The idiot actually did follow through and buy two copies of the album.  Score! haha

Full story – TheDailyMail

J. Cole retweeted the pic saying it was the “wildest shit I ever seen on twitter”.  The tweet and the pic disappeared off Twitter shortly after that.

The new J. Cole album Born Sinner is good… I’ll give him that.  I’m still partial to Yeezus though.



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A Johnson City, TN woman couldn’t get her gun to shoot, so she handed it off to a man to cock it for her and then proceeded to fire the weapon several times near multiple victims this weekend, according to a police report.

No injuries were reported in the incident that happened around 9:25 p.m Saturday near 304 Royal Circle. According to a Johnson City Police Department report on the shooting, a woman near this location was in an argument with an unnamed person regarding the recent break-in of her vehicle.

According to the JCPD report, the victims all lived near each other on Royal Circle. Their names and ages are listed below:

Lissie C. Thomas, 31; Nathaniel J. Salter, 31; Paulinene M. Garcia, 25; Dee A. Garcia, 45; Daniel M. Hardy, 22; and Rafael Castillo Castillo-Hernandez, 15.

Full Article – HERE

I wouldn’t call those 6 people “victims” since no damage was actually done.

I wonder what these two will be charged with? Attempted murder for her?  What for him,  Some sort of accessory charge?

He’s going to be regretting that one for a while, considering all he apparently did was cock the gun.