The state of the customized gun industry is grim:

The gun industry in general is really grim right now.  Sure there are a few companies putting out some cool stuff, but for the most part everything is incredibly cringey.  Who would actually want a shitty looking red colored subcompact glock, with wet kleenx stippling and colored filled dripping lettering “BLOOD BATH”?  To think that some piehitter actually thinks this is cool, and paid good money to have it done is astonishing.  The fact there are companies out there (black sheep arms did this one) to make that🍰🍰🍰%ers dream come true is touching.  I could give you hundreds of other examples of stuff like this, but you’re probably just better off following me on Instagram and scrolling the feed.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A picture slideshow… this is legit:

Set to the backdrop of Metallica – Unforgiven.  If engraved guns offend you, then I suppose that is a fitting audio track.

I expressed my interest in engraved guns in the past.  I’ll definitely pick up an engraved Glock someday just because.  If you have some play money, and your don’t at least have one gun in your collection that resembles something a cartel boss would own then you’re not living.

LOL the hunting rifle with a falcon engraved on the receiver… topped off with the talon / sphere bolt handle and nob.  That’s mint.


Hat tip: Krystian