For those that don’t get it – District of Columbia v. Heller (2008)


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December 19th, WASHINGTON D.C. – Things started to turn for the worse when the crowd — some carrying anti-war signs and dressed all in black with masks — began to pelt passing cars. A plain clothes D.C. police detective emerged from a Hummer — it’s unclear whether it was his personal vehicle or an unmarked police vehicle — after it was struck. The detective began yelling at the gathered crowd. At one point, he pulled back his jacket, exposing his service weapon — it’s unclear if he did this intentionally. That’s when things took a darker turn.

Bit of an overreaction I’d say :P

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John Allan Muhammad (The D.C. Sniper) will be executed today in Virgina at 9pm by lethal injection.

Giving this guy a lethal injection is far too humane if you ask me.

Hopefully that P.O.S. Fort Hood shooter is next in line.

D.C. Sniper Wiki Link – HERE