The following 3 videos are beyond stupid.

You’ll probably want to skip to toward the end of each video to see the good parts.

Wow, you’d have to be really confident in the spread of the load you are using at the distance you’re standing at.

You know you’re an operator when…. you shoot full auto from the hip around a live target while training.

Additional unnecessary stupidity involving a pistol.

Would a 3rd target not be a perfect substitute for a real human being?  *shakes head*

Anyone want to weight in? Possibly try to justify it?

If you don’t get the pic to the left, you’re going to want to check out my Try Not To Shoot The Photographer post.

Hat tip: John G. & Boquisucio for the translations


According to the training school’s owner James Yeager, what you are about to see is perfectly safe.

The video is from 2009, but goes perfectly with my stupid training videos series:

His response video is equally as impressive *eye roll*. WTF?

Yeager pulled the 1st vid off youtube after much criticism, yet in the response video he’s quite clear that he thinks it was perfectly safe.  Whatevs bro… This is exactly why we need to save youtube vids, because otherwise lolz like this are lost forever.

“putting someone infront of the firing line makes people safer” – James Yeager

James Yeager’s school is called Tactical Response, you can check it out – HERE   Maybe if you take a class from him, you’ll get a chance to spend some time downrange while your classmates can shoot 2ft away from your head.  Maybe James will even spend some time down range while you’re shooting… why not? it’s safe right?

Maybe he’s not aware, but most camera’s come with remotes now that you can trigger the shutter with the press of a button. Life is cheap I guess.

Hat tip: Brent S.


From the description:

This gun holds a q-switched Nd:YAG laser head.
After charging the capacitors (takes about 4 secs.), it fires an intense 1 MW blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light! The pulse-duration is somewhere around 100ns…no chance to get the impacts with a normal camera.

NICE! I wonder what the range on that badboy is?


I wouldn’t recommend trying this, but the results are pretty awesome:

Check out the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foZlciP6gUQ

(What’s the point of disabling embedding?! … that’s the 2nd one in a row today that I couldn’t embed)


Mixing calibers is not something i’d ever recommend trying unless you want to possibly hurt yourself. Interesting to see that it worked (this time) though.


Somehow I doubt this is an application video for “Arab Top Shot”:


That right there is some good old fashioned stupidity. Can anyone translate what they are saying?