Just in case you forget what type of gun you own, it kindly reminds you:



It’s just too bad there wasn’t more room on the slide for a larger font.  It would have been classier if those slide serrations weren’t in the way, and they could have engraved “MAGNUM RESEARCH” about 1 inch high on there too.

Jokes aside I’m sure it’s a perfectly great 1911.  You can pick it up only at Cabela’s for between $750 and $1100.

Thoughts?  Do you wish “.45 ACP” was engrave really large somewhere too?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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You’ll laugh so hard you just might poop your lederhosen:

I’m assuming there’s going to be at least one comment questioning whether this was an American made Deagle or an Israeli Deagle, then proceeding to suggest a possible Jewish conspiracy against the Bavarian hat establishment reaching back to the 2nd world war.  Jewish conspiracies are the best kind (if you didn’t know)… and when it comes to pretty much any topic on the internet from guns to investing they are rampant. Coincidence that I lost this post the first time I typed it up, and it failed to autosave? Ha.. I think not. See what I mean? :P



Richard Ryan delivers:

LOL the sound clip from snatch!

I know I this is probably going to sound “old man” to some of you, but I don’t know about this whole smart watch thing.  I can’t see myself ever replacing a nice watch with basically a plastic and aluminum (maybe) wrist phone.

YESSSSS Richard is wearing the Deagle brand Deagle t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  Still one of my favorites.  Vigilant Spectre told me a while back it’s his favorite too.

The .50 AE is such a beastly round.

2:14 – Watch = dust


Check it out if you’re a fan of the pistol and video games:

I’ll add a .50 AE to my collection someday just for kicks.  Even if I didn’t shoot it on a regular basis, it would make a great paperweight.

“The game graciously overlooks the weapon’s impracticality for combat use” <– WHAT?!  I’ll pretend he didn’t say that :P

The beautiful use of Helvetica alone makes the video worth watching.

Thoughts? I know more than a few of you have Deagles.


I’m always up for some gratuitous .50AE tomfoolery:

Waaaaaat?  Why didn’t he kill them all in 0.00023 seconds like he normally kills stuff?  *snooze button*



Hickok45 gets his Halloween prep on:

A bit early by my watch, but whatever.  These things seem to be getting earlier and earlier every single year… I swear Costco had Christmas stuff out already in May this year. haha ok not quite that bad…

Good choice on the Deagle Hickok.  He should have had an ENDO Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt on though.