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First it was Fedex & UPS that didn’t want to ship his AR-15 lower making CNCs… now a carbon fiber printer company doesn’t (allegedly) want his money:

He’s putting a $15,000 bounty on one.  Note, that they are worth $5500.  I shit a brick when I first heard about it in his above video.  After watching the video below though, I see it just lays carbon fiber in strips.  Yea that probably does add some strength, but the strength in actual carbon fiber is because it is laid in a lattice.  Still does look cool though as you can see in the below promo video.  I would have liked to see some parts directly off the machine though rather than marketing fluff.

This is very smart of Mark Forged and Cody Wilson, if this was planned.  Even if it wasn’t, look at all the publicity on all the sites this is getting.  I’m starting to get a feel for this controversy advertising thing.



Cryptic trailer with bomber and fighter plane footage:

Defense-Distributed-LogoThe September 30th release date is only about a week away!  I hope they stay true to their 3D printing roots and release something cutting edge that will terrify the anti-gun masses.

Any ideas on what it’s going to be?  I’m going to go on record and say I think it’s going to be something .22 LR related.. maybe even a printable miniature ruger 10/22 handgun design complete with 3d printable barrel.


An internet show called Barnacules Nerdgasm tries it out:

Cool look at the process, and problems associated with it.  It was really neat seeing the receiver rise out of nothing while being printed.

Interesting that the one he printed without support material looked way better hahaha.

He kept emphasizing that the lower is “the least important part of the gun”… well not according to the law, which he did finally say at the end how the lower was the only controlled part.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackPeople often smooth out home 3d printed abs parts with acetone vapor, I don’t know if there is an equivalent solvent for PLA printed parts.

Some of his facts were wrong, but still a decent vid.

Hat tip: Mattv2099


Liberator Pistol Builders Club + Pistol Whip:


Head over to the ENDO Apparel website to place your order!

I’m really liking the oatmeal colored t-shirts a lot, and it’s clear a lot of you do too.  The color is good for any time of year, but especially nice and cool in the summer sun.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the support you guys show me in all aspects of my business, from the blog, to the shirts, to the social networking sites.  Thank you!


Reporters print one up then take it on the Eurostar train from London to Paris:


Two reporters passed completely unchallenged through strict airport-style security to carry the gun on to a London to Paris service in the weekend rush-hour, alongside hundreds of unsuspecting travelers. The gun produced by the reporters was split into three pieces and concealed in the clothing of two reporters who bought standard class tickets to Paris.  They did not attempt to smuggle the firing pin or bullet for safety and legal reasons, but small metal items could be easily concealed.

Full Story – DailyMail

OOOOOOOOOOO that’s going to have lawmakers and security over there pissed off.  The reporter in the pics took a page right out of the “It’s not cool unless you have your finger on the trigger” book haha.

It has been mentioned before, but since that train existed one could have easily brought a piece of pipe and a nail on it which could also fire a .380 round and no one was shitting a brick over that.

In related Liberator news, MegaUpload scumbag Kim Dotcom who I thought was a huge proponent for internet freedom removed the weapon files from his servers because they are “scary”. *eye roll*



Took only a few days for this to happen:

Looks like the 3D printed firearm made the waves founder Cody Wilson was hoping it would make.

Check out this Forbes article for more info and the DOD takedown letter.

Defense-Distributed-Liberator-PartsThe files are out there now, all over the world.  The fact Defense Distributed isn’t operating right now doesn’t make any difference.  Hopefully no one hurts themselves by using a inferior plastic and printer, or does anything else stupid with a printed gun.  That’s all we need right now.

Thoughts? Ban assault printers?