Demolition Ranch tries it out:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchNot that cool, just as I expected though!  Thankfully it works well when it’s flying through the air quickly.


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Demolition Ranch with some cool redneck science:

haha when he said how he found the term “redneck scentist” offensive at the beginning of the video I was like “Really? 0.o”  the joke was on me though.


Pretty slick, I don’t know how big of a fan I am of having my neck right next to the opposite side of the ejection port and that near the chamber… That said, I don’t know ho much safer it is having your head 6 inches back either if something blows up.

If he refined the design and produced it I’m sure he would sell tons of them, regardless of how useful or comfortable it is to shoot.



Demolition Ranch puts some science on it:

Wow the stippling job on that magazine looked like a bag of dicks.  No wonder he didn’t care about hitting it with some microwaves.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOAs usual these microwave vids are pretty anticlimactic, but I was a bit surprised at all the damage this one inflicted.



Demolition Ranch dressing at his finest:

Science.  Approved by the HDSA (Hobo Defense Society of America).

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Hathaha I love that Mosin Nagant beer bottle opener clip he included at the end.

Thoughts?  Are you asking your mom if you can “borrow” some steel wool after Christmas?  Screw it.. moms ask too many questions, just use it and tell her it was for science if she tries to ground you later.


Demolition Ranch with some more redneck science:

Ranch-DressingI have yet to see an “ammo in the microwave” video that has even bit the least bit exciting.  For some reason every single time I still think to myself “It’s going to be epic this time I know it!”…. *buzzer noise* wrong.

What was with the music?  Sounds like he stole it from some corny 80s action movie love scene. haha



Ammunition arts & crafts with 22Plinkster x Demolition Ranch:

Joe-Biden-Finger-Pointheh, cool.  Biden be like “perfect for warning shots!”.