det cord

Normally I don’t get emotional when Richard Ryan destroys expensive stuff… but:

ARRRRRGH I want a mac pro… that was mean! :P  That profile is so sexy.

haha @ “trash bin design”.  The heat sink made dropping it into the water look really cool.  That’s pretty cool that it passed both water drop tests.  Is that some fancy 4k monitor he’s using to test it?  Just want to make sure I’m in the know about any affordable ones if they exist.

Richard-Ryan-ENDOCostly product to shoot up wow… I hope the payback for this type of video is handsome. The footage sure was awesome, so I imagine every tech blog and “cool stuff” site on the planet will put it up.

Richard is wearing a number of ENDO Apparel shirts in the video, which you can buy at the link to help support my Cheeto habit.

U mad that Richard is doing this? Det cord Patek Philippe and Ferrari etc… in the future?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Richard Ryan with some det cord eye candy:

LOL @ “I don’t like tha government tellin’ me what ta do”.  No kidding, seat belts just make sense.  Sure you could cite the few cases where a seatbelt killed someone, but it has definitely saved countless more lives than it has ended.

1:20 – Whoa, that slow motion zigzag across the water is really cool.  It’s amazing how quick that stuff is.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-California-RKBA2:06 – Note to self.  Don’t ever hit an IED.

2:49 – LOL Richard has jokes today.

If you like the shirt he has on, it’s available in multiple colors over at ENDO Apparel.


Richard Ryan blows up a det cord tree with gallons of red paint:

The slow motion footage was on point as usual.  The Johnny Appleseed cider looked so delicious in that glass at the end of the video mmmmmmm.  I didn’t used to drink ciders at all, but they have really grown on me over the past year.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-Pistol-WhipENDO needs a liquor sponsor.  Hell, I’m going to just come right out and say that I think LVMH should sponsor me.



Richard Ryan gets festive with it:

1:36 – He’s packing up… I was like HUH?  That’s a star Richard not a tree!

1:41 – Oh a circle of rocks being set out… this is going to be good

2:13 – Wait… that’s string.  Booooo MOAR DET CORD!

2:30 – Mother of god…. I like where this is going

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBHoly… that slow motion footage is epic as usual.



Crafts and math with Richard Ryan:

Richard-Ryan-ENDONice work with the math for the timing, that looked amazing.  That has to be so rewarding to take that footage home and see that it all worked out.

The X he set up at the end blew my mind too.  Det cord sure looks dangerous / like a lot of fun.



Richard Ryan, the squire of Barrettville goes full Halloween:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-Pistol-WhipHoly, just turned those to dust!  The coolest thing ever se seeing the det cord burn in slow motion.

Great idea to put the paint inside the pumpkins too… nice looking effect!