*SMFH*… only 5lbs guys and you just might not die of heat exhaustion, or from breathing your own killer caesar salad breath recycled air:

Devtac-Ballistic-Helmet*gasp* it even has picatinny rails, and an optional “tactical mohawk*.  The mall ninja cool factor is definitely there, I’ll give them that.  Like who wouldn’t want to look like a ninja from the year 2092?  Man I’m just getting hot thinking about wearing one and walking across the room even though.

ALL their YouTube videos are infuriating… if you click through and watch any of them don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I didn’t just post an annoying one on purpose, trust me.

There are lots more pictures of the helmet plus the airsoft version with various paintjobs and configurations on their facebook page.


Gat tip: Chris


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