VICE warning:

Imagine thinking you have the right to tell a private company what to do.  Bizarre.  I’ve always lived in a world where sure you can “ask” something of a company, but if they don’t want to fulfill your ask then you simply just have the option of not purchasing something from them.  As far as I’m concerned, if Dicks wanted to stop selling guns to guys with chinstrap facial hair, or guys with top buns etc… I’d be completely on their side.  Their company, they can do what they want.  Continuing to watch the video I see the kicker here is the Michigan civil rights law they cite that says “no one can discriminate because of age”.

4:37 – Oh shit if it isn’t Tristin’s problematic uncle talking that “do they have the right not to serve black people then?” talk 😬😬😬.  Hell of a widows peak type receding hairdo on that man.  Rocking a Spartan on that hoodie too. I might have to use him as a character in a Sheepdog Fan Fiction some day 🤔, speaking of which I have another one of those almost ready to go.


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An FXhummel1 short about price gouging and knee jerk responses:

If DICK’s had any balls, semi-autos would be on their walls.

Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-DirtI LOL’d when he said that.

FXHummel is wearing the pictogram selector switch t-shirt… one of my personal favorites.