She even makes a witty comment about being “armed” at the beginning:

The shooting starts at 4:50.  Before that the guy is just showing her his guns.

She also reminds other armless people who are learning how to shoot guns, not to put their toe on the trigger until they are ready to shoot.  Jeff Cooper would be proud.

I’m always blown away how positive some disabled people are about life.  Good for her, I couldn’t handle that for 5 minutes.

Glad to see the guy hosting her, didn’t troll her with a Deagle.

 has a youtube channel where she records herself doing various things (without arms of course).

I posted about one other guy shooting with his feet a while back which you might want to check out.


Hat tip: Colin


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No jokes about how he switched from shooting Glocks before, to 1911s after the accident are allowed in the comments. :P  (If you didn’t get that tasteless joke see HERE)

It’s crazy how something that cool could go unnoticed on youtube for almost a year since it was posted.

Amazing that he can even load the mags with his feet.


Now that’s what I call OPEN CARRY!


Behold the rapper:

And the Chinese airsoft gun that bears his name:

You’d think these Chinese replica shops would have at least one American or someone with English as their first language on hand just to run stuff by.

Sadly that AK47 track isn’t available on iTunes. I guess i’ll have to save the FLV off youtube and convert it to pump on my car stereo LOL