Train like you… feet:

Amazing!  He even puts a few round into the magazine.

I’m not sure why the video is 🥔80p quality, but here we are.


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’m super busy with programming projects (for sites I haven’t released yet), and the usual ENDO Apparel grind.  I noticed the Disneyland jokes you guys normally make, aren’t happening this time 🤔😂, likely because you know I’m not dumb enough to go to a place like that when Corona virus is still going on.

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Instructor-Zero*smh* Zero is priceless, what a character.  I actually thought he would be better at that than he was.  He fumbled through it big time.

At 0:13 we see a closeup of the G19 slide showing his “ripped ass hole” logo.  Which as I mentioned before, it’s what he does to operations… tears them a new one.

Thoughts?  Were you as disappointed as I am that his oxygen supply wasn’t cut off with a plastic bag?  Not to mention he didn’t say anything, so I couldn’t even turn the CC’s on and LOL my ass off.


Operator prep in the attic:

AK-47-Kool-AidThat’s love right there.  Polenar Tactical is pretty legit when it comes to gun vids, and they aren’t even American.

Anyone else do stuff like this with their girlfriend / wife / etc..?


Because numbers, colors, animals, and the alphabet are for wimps:

Cutest voice ever.  Best memory type game I’ve seen played with a kid yet.

Speaking of kids, i’ll be a pseudo uncle in a few days once my girlfriend’s brother’s kid is born.  Pretty excited to see him; they are naming him Ashton. Fun fact: They were originally spelling it “Ashtyn”, but after everyone harassed them (terrible I know haha) they ended up changing it. Also google images yields some pretty LOL worthy results for Ashtyn (ie. male model Ashtyn Long)

Hat tip: Lisa


The maker of that video has some major skillz.


Yep, this is one way to open it up:

The company did the same thing with an original iPad last year, and got 392,000 views from the video.

Quite a bit of advertising for their tax service for $500.