Instructor-Zero*smh* Zero is priceless, what a character.  I actually thought he would be better at that than he was.  He fumbled through it big time.

At 0:13 we see a closeup of the G19 slide showing his “ripped ass hole” logo.  Which as I mentioned before, it’s what he does to operations… tears them a new one.

Thoughts?  Were you as disappointed as I am that his oxygen supply wasn’t cut off with a plastic bag?  Not to mention he didn’t say anything, so I couldn’t even turn the CC’s on and LOL my ass off.


Operator prep in the attic:

AK-47-Kool-AidThat’s love right there.  Polenar Tactical is pretty legit when it comes to gun vids, and they aren’t even American.

Anyone else do stuff like this with their girlfriend / wife / etc..?


Because numbers, colors, animals, and the alphabet are for wimps:

Cutest voice ever.  Best memory type game I’ve seen played with a kid yet.

Speaking of kids, i’ll be a pseudo uncle in a few days once my girlfriend’s brother’s kid is born.  Pretty excited to see him; they are naming him Ashton. Fun fact: They were originally spelling it “Ashtyn”, but after everyone harassed them (terrible I know haha) they ended up changing it. Also google images yields some pretty LOL worthy results for Ashtyn (ie. male model Ashtyn Long)

Hat tip: Lisa


The maker of that video has some major skillz.


Yep, this is one way to open it up:

The company did the same thing with an original iPad last year, and got 392,000 views from the video.

Quite a bit of advertising for their tax service for $500.


I’m glad these guys are on the right side of the law. Skillz like that are highly valued in the ghetto.

The muffler seems to be hanging awfully low, must have been done like that on purpose (and not welded on to anything) to aid disassembly.