Classic.  The jokes write themselves:

Diving for stuff and using metal detectors to find stuff has always fascinated me.  I imagine you find a lot of complete garbage though more than anything obviously.  Why was this dude not wearing gloves?

3:05 – Where he finds the handgun.  Looks to be a Cobra FS32.  A very toss-able choice ;) I must say.

He talks some more about it at 6:20 and 9:09 – “Most definitely a murder weapon”.  Looks like it’s in really rough shape, but who knows… maybe some mother’s “baby” who “didn’t do nuffin” might end up getting put away after they make some connection.

Thoughts?  Man it looks cold out there… I bet that guy wishes it was as hotter than a hoochie coochie.

Gat tip: Mateo