I talked about the loudener before… well YouTube trollfessional Mattv2099 got one for his Draco AK:

Snakehound machine has the goods.  Looks like you’re going to have to drop them an email though for pricing and availability… I don’t see anything up on the website yet.

Simpsons-Gun-LoudenerHard to tell how loud it is in that video, but I’ll take his word for it.  Bro do you even science?

If silence is golden, loud is platinum.  <— Please engrave that on a platinum AR-15 loundener for me Owen.

When is the speedcocker coming out?  I still need an attachment to shoot down police helicopters too (ref).


Mattv2099 doing things just to do them:

Matt told me he named his Draco “Malfoy” in honor of his man crush / and favorite movie villain.  Shout out to the Harry Potter franchise.  I suspect Matt even keeps a folded up Draco Malfoy picture in the bottom of the pistol grip.  I watched “Half Blood Prince” with my girlfriend last weekend… good flick.


The ENDO Apparel Picatinny Rail t-shirt clothes Matt’s tactical upper body in this video.  Pick one up, and watch your life go from good to great.



I can’t resist posting gun related video this nice looking. The crisp professionally recorded sound was such a bonus too.

I like how the one guy dissed airsoft king freddiew (from youtube) at the end of the vid. haha


After reading Josh’s comment in the previous Leonard Embody related post here on my blog, I was browsing through the list of crazy laws he linked to, and came up with the following in Google Maps:

With his weapon carry permit revoked, Leonard Embody (kwikrnu) is now setting out on a road trip around the U.S.A. to challenge other obscure laws in hopes of being arrested and getting rich off a wrongful arrest lawsuit settlement. (Click to view map)

I picked out on the most obscure items that were apparently legal, just to prove the point.


I posted about Leonard Embody (kwikrnu as he is known on various internet forums) and his AK-47 pistol open carry incident and the subsequent court complaint filed by him for the violation of his 4th Amendment rights etc..

Originally I was unaware of all his past shenanigans, so my article when I first reported on the AK-47 incident back in December of 2009 I was very sympathetic.  Months later, after reading more and more about him, my opinion did a 180.

If you are unfamiliar with Leonard, Linoge from WallsOfTheCity has a comprehensive outline of all Leonard’s escapades, with links to the relevant forum posts and news stories – HERE

One of the most recent incidents (January 23, 2010) was when he open carried (in hand) a Navy Model 1851 black powder pistol in Belle Meade, TN in order to challenge the following laws:

TCA 39-17-1314 City laws regulating guns preempt state laws if they were made before April 8, 1986. (TN State Law)

Title 11 Chapter 6 section 602 specifically states the carry of an army or navy model pistol is an exception, and it must be carried openly in the hand not in a holster. (Belle Meade Ordinances)

The result?  He caused a bit of a stir and recently ended up getting his carry permit revoked I think he got off easy, considering his 1851 is a replica, and not the real thing.

Unfortunately, it looks like all of his shit disturbing may finally yield something…

In an article in today’s Nashville CityPaper, the mayor Gray Thornburg said the following:

Embody found a loophole in the law that allowed him to carry the military-style weapon, and the city is amending the law to take off the out of date exemption. We’re deleting that particular part which is very, very old. Historically, everybody had that in there.

According to the CityPaper article, the deletion of the law will go before the commission today Wednesday (today?) on a second and final reading, where it will either be approved or deferred.

I had to chuckle when I read the “military-style” part of the mayor’s comment, considering this is what the gun looks like:


Looks like he is suing for “Damages”:

As a direct and proximate result of Ward’s unconstutitonal actions, Embody was subjected to arrest in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights and subjected to mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, because, the events described in this Complaint were published widely in the Nashville area by the local news media.

If he is so embarrassed, then why does he showboat around on all the forums?

I’ll hold the constitution above personal opinion any day of the week, but if he expects to win a case like this, I bet any lawyer would have told him to keep his mouth shut, and lay low on internet forums.

Here is the Complaint itself:

Case # 3:10-cv-00126 , Middle Tennessee District Court 6th Circuit

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