Hm!  Apparently not illegal?!:

Full Story – NBC CT

I’m no FAA / federal firearms lawyer, but I don’t see how that’s legal.  I thought anything to do with a mechanical trigger pull was absolutely illegal.  Someone fill me in on what I’m missing please. The original video is here if you want to check it out.

Austin Haughwout, The 18 year old kid who made this is apparently an Engineering student at Central Connecticut State University.  I love how the article and video talk about how he made the drone with “revenue from a previous viral video”.  When it said that I was like “OH SHIT what kind of cake are we talking here?!”  PFFFFFT $1500.   Like why even mention that in the story?  Oh and he will use the revenue from this viral video to fund his next project.  A regular Nikola Tesla, this kid…

Thoughts?  Do you see Austin ducking the law on this?

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To help fight the Russians:

0:49 – Can someone set up a kickstarter to buy this guy a jacket that fits?  I’ll throw $10 in.

Game-Of-Drones-UAV-Torture-Test-Kydex5:29 – Dude is rocking a naked patch hat.  He definitely needs a CAN’TEVEN patch on there… too bad I don’t ship to the Ukraine.

7:34 – haha that guy is so awkward with his hands throughout the entire video.   Again another jacket which is too big.  Oh well at least this one was just lent to him.



Every legend has a beginning. Every beginning has an origin. This is the tale of Johnny Dronehunter:

LOL that extra long silencer on the bipod is the truth!  The amount of quadcopters (yay I said quadcopters no drone) Silencerco must go through filming these vids must have been a lot… hopefully they got a bulk deal.

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoIf you’ve already seen the vid I’m sorry.  I was up to lots of Easter shenanigans and took the weekend off despite the blog name implying no days will be taken off.  Sometimes you gotta break your own rules though just to feel alive.

I should probably update the tramp stamp photo to reflect their new logo.  The new one really isn’t tramp-stampy at all, unless the girl is like a cyberpunk type, then she could rock it like that.



VICE is calling first’ies guys… screw any of you who thinks they aren’t the first to do a dogfight:

I know a lot of you hate VICE stuff… I like the topics at least because they are out of the ordinary.  The quality of reporting definitely leaves something to be desired though.

Not sure that breathing in Bronx warehouse dust would be high on my list of things to breathe in.  You’d think they could have found a cleaner inclosed area like a school gym or something…. or did Bloomberg ban all fun in gyms yet?

People are getting pretty pissed off in the comments about them calling this a “drone” because drones are autonomous.  The ultimate best comment is this though by “Kibbler”:  “Now they just need a drone that smokes weed, dresses like a hipster and mines bitcoins. Then they will have the VICE trifecta.”

In other drone news, apparently the “drone community” was up in arms that Larue Tactical shot at a drone. This was a mailing list newsletter they sent out:



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Doing things just to do them.

That rifle setup is worth in the ballpark of $6000-$7000 with the optic and mount haha.  At least they packed it well… that was a hard fall and bounce.

That drone looks like a DJI Inspire One too which I see goes for $2900, yikes.  You’d think they just could have bought a cheap drone off Amazon and saved some money.  Oh well LaRue probably makes half a million dollars off ARFCOM sales alone in a single day anyway.  When I used to go on there lots back in the day, people loved everything made by that company.

Larue-TacticalThoughts?  Does the LaRue Kool-Aid taste ever so sweet?


Silencerco x Johnny Dronehunter the defender of privacy:

haha!  That’s really awesome.  People just don’t “get it” though apparently:

ummm just a thought… why use a silencer in the desert? against a toy? cool video but just another hollywood plot that dosen’t fulfill reality. And… I love my Guns but would never buy a silencer that adds an extra 1-2ft to a shotgun. -Atom RC

And another response from the same guy:

me? I dont give a shit about the knockoff Phantom. Because of those “toys” my hobby is falling to shit. I dont need stupid videos like this threatening my rights to bear arms as well. Shit who knows, the FAA may start coming after weapons since they launch devices into airspace. I did research the silencer, and personally love my silenced weapons, but would never silence a shotgun. If im using a shotgun its for two reasons… home defense and duck hunting. neither of which it matters to be quiet. -Atom RC

Silencerco-Suppressor-Shotgun*facepalm*.  I’m looking forward to the full video, because it says this one is only a trailer!