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DIY-Bullet-EarphonesDamn that’s what I call using a drill to its max potential!

I have a pair of Munitio 9mm earphones which the company gave me, which I’m still using daily (I LOVE them).  For those on a budget though, and want to make a bunch of pairs up for friends it might be worth buying all the sandpaper and getting your hands dirty with this DIY.


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Shortly before Christmas I was contacted by Munitio to see if I was interested in doing a review on their [M] BLK Tactical 9mm earphones. Obviously I jumped at the chance to not only get something cool looking for free, but also to see how they compared to the Apple earphones included with my iPod nano that I have been using for the past few years.

Munitio was kind enough to 2nd day air the earphones to me so I would be able to have them before I left to go home for Christmas.  My nano was charged up with and waiting…


The earphones came beautifully presented in a cylindrical matte black cardboard box.  A tug on the pull tab revealed a user manual, silk cleaning cloth, leather carrying case, and three sizes of extra silicone ear buds. The earphones themselves have a good weight to them, and appear to be the exact dimensions ( as expected ) of a slightly shortened pulled 9mm cartridge.  Nice…

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This blog is no stranger to sticking spent casings in your ears.  I observed R. Lee Ermey using some for hearing protection, and also found a tutorial on how to accomplish it.

Makes me wish I would have thought of this idea, to deliver sound to the user, rather than mute everything.  According to Gizmodo, the earphones are made by a company called MUNITIO, and will apparently be sold for $250 each. They better sound damn good for that money.

Unless you are a massive company like apple, sony, google etc.. I never understood why you would want to talk about your products and create buzz before they are even available. Anyone that thinks these headphones are an awesome idea, would probably want to purchase them immediately and not have to keep checking the website for an update on the magical date they will be available.  Maybe the average consumer isn’t like me though.  I will have long forgotten about these within a couple of days.