Richard Ryan and Demolition Ranch get to work:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBLOL two Remington 870s and a DP-12… priceless.  If a firearms company actually made a quad barrel, there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that it would sell like hotcakes.  If Glock made a side-by-side double barrel version like this, I’m confident it supply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand for a while either.

Some of you noticed that I didn’t blog the last few days, and were concerned (always appreciated when you check up on me).  I was at my girlfriend’s parent’s house for Easter weekend, so I wasn’t on the computer.  I wasn’t feeling 100% last night, so I opted to watch the new episode of Hoarders and go to sleep rather than blog.  I’m feeling great now though!  Hope all of you had a great Easter weekend.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Started by Richard Ryan back in 1938. Here’s the one for 2015:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-Shirthaha peeps… those thinks give me cavities and a stomach ache just by looking at them.   P.S. I’m 33 and don’t have a single cavity *flex flex flex*.  After typing that I realize I should probably put it on my Tinder profile.  This is why I like having this blog, it really lets me chop it up and come out with some good ideas.

Damn!  Richard didn’t play around with the peep quantity.  I think I make a joke about “peep body armor” every year, so just pretend I made it again this year.

If you like his shirt, he’s got a cool new clothing line out called Lead Farmer.

60P is really growing on me.  Maybe it’s just Richard’s camera that makes it look good though, I don’t know.



Bunnies!!!! Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend.  Have a great Sunday too!

I’m moving so posts might be sparse or non existent during the next couple days. I’m going to try and get some in, but I’m not promising anything. You know how it is when operators move into new operational environments.



Richard Ryan rings in Easter with a .50 BMG:

RatedRR-Richard-Ryanhahaha awesome.  I love how peeps are basically made of sugar and air, and even they change the bullet’s trajectory enough to save the peeps at the end of the line.  On second thought, the bullet probably glanced off one of the nails he pushed the peeps into.  The last shot where he double stacked them though worked out nice.



Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

If you have been following the blog for a couple years, you will recognize that as my go-to Easter picture. :P


Here’s a bunny in a scope:

Hope everyone has a great weekend.