This sheepdog really did it:

😂 good for him.


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This man is not fighting hand to hand with you if you pull up 🚗💨💨💨:

hahah I love this guy Bisket.  Man, I’m thinking of setting up a Kickstarter account to fund the cleaning of his car though for real.

I posted his riding strapped vid a while back, if you’re trying to place how he looks familiar.



We’re now past the point that I can’t tell if some of the stuff I post about was originally intended to be a joke or not:

I have to say the only good thing about this video is that he used Future – Perkys Calling.  That song is 🔥, and in my daily rotation along with the rest of the Purple Reign album.  It’s almost hard to believe it was released as a 100% free Mixtape it’s that fire.  Everything else in the video is incredibly bizarre right down to the purple nitrile gloves.  I don’t know guys… give it a watch and decide for yourself.  If it’s serious, what is this guy providing “security” for?  Those fits are possibly the least “greyman” I’ve ever seen in my life. A look at the rest of the videos on his channel suggests he works in Central America. I’ve never been, so maybe this is normal there?

Thoughts?  Are we being trolled, or is this guy dead serious?

Gat tip: Guru262


LOL at the first 30 seconds being about subscribing to a physical magazine.  LOL this is 2017 last time I checked.  No thanks brah.

0:53 – Is he tough?  Or is he pooping?  Oh gasp we looked down the barrel.  So unconventional!

1:04 – Shoots so flat.  And yessss our first tactical no-look check followed by a little left-right-left-right of the gun just to finesse it.

1:12 – Cool we’re going to see some machining footage.

You can watch the rest of the video if you care about the specs.

I mean, I guess it’s nice and all if you want a $2900 1911.  Im sure plenty of Molon Labe’ers will be buying one of these for the safe; keeping an eyeglass cleaning microfiber cloth near by just in case a pesky fingerprint happens to end up on the finish.



Two revolvers!  His backup one is even rimfire (.22LR).  I can hear a million heads explode before they realize it’s a troll vid.

Caleb-Giddings-ENDO2:50 – Tertiary backup is the Lionheart LH9.  So hipster.  You’ve probably never heard of it.

Good stuff.


From Jake Knapp, the same guy who brought is the original Every Day Carry Rap:

He hits on some key points in this video.  The effort Jake puts into production is much appreciated, I like that MTV video type look.  Him and FXhummel1 should collaborate.

Hat tip: Dave W.