Eddie Eagle

Holy NRA, this is INTENSE:

I was like a minute into this feeling like I was tripping out.  Looking for insane CGI camera work, talking birds, racially diverse birds, and jingles?  This video has it all.

2:18 – Garry the goose stays lit AF playing video games until they harass him again.

2:39 – Sweet free gun!

2:54 – Eddie Eagle’s eagle eye is all over it… trying to blame Garry goose.  Garry wasn’t about to take shit though, he didn’t know where it came from.

3:08 – *hot safety jingle #1 from Eddie*  His buddies were like “WAT?”

OMG I love this video seriously.  I feel like if there was a 3D version I’d probably have a sensory overload and need to nap to recover.

5:16 – LOL Garry goose is so high.  Look how derpy and excited he looks when he hears “answers to questions about gun safety and pizza”.  Gotta satisfy those munchies.

6:01 – AHHAHA Garry straight up snatched five slices.  Peep the “beats by Dre” type logo on his headphones at 6:05… that’s tight.

6:23 – *Garry goose mumbles something unintelligible with his pizza filled mouth*… then we hear he doesn’t get the big deal because there are guns in his video games.  The cop bird is like fuck you Garry, it’s not the same… DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT’S NOT THE SAME a 3rd time.  OH I WISH MF’in A GOOSE WOULD.

6:58 – “Look great doing it, like a true fashionista Haaaaaaaaay” LOL amazing.

Garry-Goose-Eddie-Eagle-NRAHere’s the original “Learn Gun Safety With Eddie Eagle” video, which in all honestly is pretty flammable (HOT) too and extremely psychedelic (in an old school way) and he even spits hot fire in the stop don’t touch rhyme basically freestyling at times.  I feel like it’s sorta a pre-rehersed freestyle like the Drake HOT97 blackberry-gate one, but I mean whatever it’s the delivery that counts *can I touch the city Flex let them know what’s up?*  Interesting too how in the old one, Eddie is the only avian and the characters are all kids.  Do kids in 2015 relate to more off the wall stuff like having an all bird cast?  I have no idea, maybe some of you know.

Thoughts?  This video have you feeling like you’re “on one” at work today?


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