empty chamber

Also known as “Israeli carry”:

“That’s dangerous!”  Response: “I hope it is”

I have to say I 100% agree with Buck on this one.  If you want proof check out this video of a jewelry store robbery where the employee or owner didn’t have one in the chamber.

MrColionNoir also did a video on the topic a couple months ago.

I’m starting to think that shoulder roll is a integral part of his speedy draw…



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Not as condescending as usual, some educational stuff in this one:

My thoughts on the Glock part of the video:

Normally I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you think carrying an empty gun for self defense is a good idea, and that you’ll “load it if you need it” I flat out believe you’re wrong.

Case in point – This jewelry store robbery.

You’ve got enough to worry about with the stress of having your life in the balance, why add another variable into the mix to bet your dexterity and coordination on?

Don’t even get me started about those IWB Glock clips… unless you’re carrying with a trigger block pushed in you’re just asking to eventually shoot yourself.   A good IWB leather/kydex holster is less than $100, is your life really worth that little that you’d risk it on an inferior piece of equipment?  Even with those trigger blocks, that still adds another step between you and placing a shot.

Ugh magazine disconnect safeties? LOL what a waste of time… Just what I want, for my gun not to be able to fire without a magazine in it *eye roll*

What are your thoughts on this?