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HOLY there is a lot of hate in the YouTube comments on this one.  People love being butthurt… definitely a favorite internet pass time.

American-FlagIt doesn’t matter if you think it’s hilariously funny or not… the point is a site called COLLEGE HUMOR came out with it.  Not CNN.

I hope all of you had a great 4th and are enjoying the weekend!



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Eight Primary schools in Liverpool (UK) are using the notorious Grand Theft Auto video game to teach pupils about violence.

The sessions are supposed to help youngsters understand the consequences of gun and knife crime. The youngsters are also given trading cards with images from the video game and the cartoons, alongside real-life images of drunks, knives, syringes and parents arguing.  The youngsters are asked to say whether what they see is ‘good real life’, ‘bad real life’, ‘not real life’ or ‘not sure’.

Full Story – HERE

Sounds like one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard.   Why are they even bothering to educated kids in the UK on gun and knife crime anyway?  I thought both were banned there.  :P  If there is one thing I hope the kids take away from this Grand Theft Auto education, it’s that its OK to fight back.  Basically if the guy shooting at you is using a handgun, by all means use a rocket propelled grenade launcher to take care of business.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto… a new one comes out on April 13th for PS3 called “Episodes From Liberty City”… You can buy it on Amazon – HERE for only $38.54