Holy this is over the top:

0:25 – “You can help.  After using a firearm one should clear the chamber, then check the chamber, then check it again.  If there’s a safety put it on, then lock it up.” <—- AHHAHAHHA all that makes for such a cool starry bra.  Real great strategy too for when you need to defend yourself… you know, because there’s always ample time to dial in a safe code, find the magazine, find the gun, load the gun, then save your life.

Oh and this all to get you to sign *yawn* yet another White House petition which will go nowhere.  This is the description:

America is great. But it would be even greater it if had less preventable gun incidents.

Every American can support personal gun responsibility and safety, whether you’re a gun owner, a gun opposer, a senator, a mom, or a gun-owning senator mom who opposes her own guns. That’s why we want to make one day a year America’s official “National Gun Safety Day.”

So help us make June 16th an official day where we promote and support ongoing efforts by safety organizations, the gun industry, retailers, communities and regular people with and without guns to create momentum for gun safety. Because the fewer holes we put in America, the happier we’ll all be.

evolve-life-country-responsiblity“Days” and “months” are so hot right now in marketing… so hot.  This campaign is especially retarded it really warms my heart.