Not much of a trailer, but you get an idea of the cast:

I can’t really say “looks decent” because It didn’t tell us much… but I do know that’s a lot of famous badasses.  I haven’t seen Expendables 1 or 2 yet, so I should probably get on that right?

Expendables-Logohaha Dr. Fraiser Crane.  I didn’t know he operated.

Thoughts?  This on the “must see” list for any of you?


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The voices are what make it great:

I still have to see that movie.  I comes out on Blu-Ray in a couple days (August 28th) so i’ll have to check if Red Box gets it soon.

Thoughts?  Is the movie as entertaining as the trailers make it seem?

Hat tip: Al


Pretty interesting idea.  Click HERE or the picture above to watch it.


I thought the poster was cool:

The trailer:


The movie doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking, but would probably be entertaining enough to watch.

I like the appearance of the AA-12 shotgun at 1min 42sec!