Mattv2099 gets dynamic and high speed low drag:


Those tenifer atoms in the Glock slide are something else!

If you didn’t realize it, this was some taofledermaus trolling… that guy is always with the science that blows my mind.



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Check out this attempt at humor:

7 minutes that took… wow lucky he put that copyright 2011 watermark on there too.  I’m pretty sure Sandy Sheedy meant something else when she said “there has been a lot of people have been shot by an unloaded gun“.  I don’t like normally sticking up for people that want to take our rights away, but I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of accidents where someone has said “the gun isn’t loaded, watch this!” and ended up killing themselves or someone else.

The part about an unloaded or loaded gun still presenting a “threat” i’ll have to disagree with her on.


Popular Mechanics gives it a try:


Not much of a surprise there.

Information on the rounds they used – HERE

For a better info, check out one of Box O’ Truth’s old experiments – HERE