far cry

Oh… I Mean He Looks At Far Cry 3 Weaponry:

Both Freddiew and FPS Russia act like they are making these videos out of the goodness of their hearts, with no compensation from the video game companies at all.  I find that hard to believe considering the entire thing is an advertisement, who knows though… maybe these are the type of videos is what they think their audience wants to see.

I’ll admit that boat explosion was cool, but I’m getting quite bored of his videos.

You can buy Far Cry 3 for $60 over at Amazon if that’s your thing.



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Another one from Freddiew:

I’ll save you 1.5 min of your life by tell you Freddiew is bored on his vacation… skip to 1:33.

OMG the clicking noises!  The fake looking Glock!  The bullets that never hit him! The bad recoil faking! The basically unlimited ammo! haha… if you missed the post, freddieW commented on twitter that we were too hardcore about guns.

I’ve never played Far Cry and know nothing about it, but I’m assuming this follow the general idea of the game.  You can pre-order Far Cry 3 on Amazon for $59 if you’re interested (Dec 4th delivery).