My post title is the exact title of the video.. you know you’re in for a wild ride:

This guy is either nuts, or a senior advanced troll.

2:17 – “My mindset is that one of us is going to die and I don’t care which one it is.”  Hmmm suicidal?  I’d prefer only the home invader died, but to each their own.

2:24 – Goes on to talk about how he would shoot police if they entered his home without even thinking twice.  Yea that might not hold up well for him in court…

4:00 – A lot of talk about how much noise a shotgun v.s. a handgun would make when you kill an invader.  I’m not sure why you’d care about noise when legitimately defending your life… I have a feeling I know where this is headed.

4:45 – Yep.. here is exactly where I thought it was headed –> “OK guy breaks in, you waste him.  Now here’s what I would do.  Pretend like nothing happened, go back to bed and wait an hour or two”  Seriously?  .. no really… seriously?  Oh but it gets better…

5:00 – “Now here the thing about wasting a home invader..” and goes on to talk about how to make it look like a letimate self defense shooting in court.  “If you don’t shoot the guy in the head before he falls you’re going to have to let him bleed out and that may take a while”

5:51 – “Wait for an hour and wait if the police show up.  If that time passes and no one shows up then what you do after that is dispose of the body.”     Uh huh…. rightt….. Alright Dexter i’m listening… bestow some wisdom upon me.

6:26 – Heavy duty garbage bags “Take two of these and put one half of the body in one of them, and put the other have of the body in another one”   Oh so now he’s condoning covering up a murder and sawing a body in half… yea this guy isn’t sketchy at all.

7:00 – LOL gardening gloves to not leave any fingerprints… this guy is a pro

7:30 – Directions on where to get rid of the body… yes he actually recommends where to dump one.

8:20 – Talks about not worrying about getting caught because real life isn’t like CSI.

Someone save this video quick.  I can’t see it being around for long.


Hat tip: Stuart B.


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