Mattv2099 with some of his usual science:

The controlled science experiments with Crisco and FireClean start at 4:43.   haha on tacos? His scientific tastebuds said they could be identical.

Test #2 Hotpockets – LOL gross.  I eat so healthy now that made my stomach turn.

Test #3 Polishing a 1911 – I had no idea… I’m actually going to polish all my stainless steel appliances to get the fingerprints off using this method.

Matt also made a video frying up Twinkies using FireClean:

I didn’t even know that frying twinkies was a thing haha. I bet that smells damn good… reminds me of something you’d get at a fancy restaurant, garnished with some basil and raspberry balsamic sauce.

oprah-derp-faceI’ve you’ve been asleep this past week, this all comes in the wake of the Fireclean v.s. Crisco scandal.  Some guys also fried eggs up using FireClean and arrived at the same results as Mattv2099 did.


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InRangeTV and his buddy fry eggs up:

haha the verdict is the FireClean cooked eggs taste like regular eggs.  Shocking I know.

I’ve you’vejared-leto-suicide-squad-joker been asleep this past week, this all comes in the wake of the Fireclean v.s. Crisco scandal.  My prediction is that this gets quietly swept under the rug, because after day one or two of a scandal people on the internet no longer give a shit anyway and will forget this entire thing happened soon after the weekend.  Is Andrew “Vuurwapen” Tuohy the instigator going to get sued in the Supreme Court and get the death penalty for this?  Highly unlikely.  Will we see another post from him, clarifying / adjusting his views? Maybe… I don’t really know.  My final prediction is that Fireclean has likely been doing record sales lately because of the exposure. No one cared to talk about gun oils all across the gun related internet last week… much less FireClean, and now FireClean specifically is on everyone’s lips.

If you want to see white knighting at its finest, and some hilarious comments from both sides of the debate head over to their Facebook page.



WOOOooooooooooo damn Andrew “Vuurwapen” Tuohy is really going in.   This time it’s SHOTS FIRED at the Vickers Tactical / FireClean video below:

Ok so the problem here Andrew says (backed up with 1080p screenshots) is that different ammo was used in the test to support the point they wanted to, which was that FireClean is the best.  He even names the post “Where there’s smoke there’s liar”.  OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  haha I love it.  Clever post titles are the shit.

I just have this to say to Andrew:

If you missed my first two posts on this scandal: Is Fireclean Simply Crisco? A Scandal Of Epic Proportions? and Chemistry Professor Compares Crisco And Fireclean there are some additional videos and links in there which are relevant.  If you read comments on blog posts and FireClean’s own Facebook page you’ll see people white knighting them just because “it works”, regardless what the makeup is.  If there’s one thing about a scandal it’s that most people love to pick a side and defend it to the death.  I’m not sure if this one in particular will get 100% resolved either way, but I don’t really care anyway because I don’t shoot much and I have a big bottle of Breakfree CLP which works fine for my operations.

Thoughts?  What direction do you see this fiasco headed next?  At the very least I foresee a whole bunch of “parody” CLPs hitting the market, some funny videos, and maybe a morale patch or two.  If I didn’t have a million better ideas, I’d roll with something like that just for the lulz.


Andrew from Vuurwapen Blog took Crisco and FireClean to a professor with a PhD in organic chemistry and here are the results:


Fireclean-MealSpec-McDonalds-CriscoAHAHAHAHAH seemingly priceless.  If you didn’t get in on the ground floor of this scandal you can catch up on a past blog post I wrote.

The full blog post on Vurrwapen is definitely worth reading.  Andrew gives zero shits in this one, it’s amazing.  I even side-eyed the screen at one point when he talked about how picking out which Crisco to buy at the grocery store was confusing and it was then he “understood what it must be like for girls who visit gun stores” LOL… yea he wrote that.  Understandably, a white knight appeared in the comments.  I was considering counter-trolling, but realized it was getting late and I needed to get some posts up and some dark chocolate and raspberries eaten, plus catch up on some Tindering.

Is this Infared Spectroscopy result as conclusive as it looks, and as conclusive as the good professor claims?  I have no idea, so let me know… I just think this shit is hilarious on so many levels.


Oh and shout-out to TheGatMan for making this article complete with that awesome Ronald meme.


SHOTS FIRED.  Science maybe exposes a scandal:

Apparently some guy did a spectrum analysis (never showed the paperwork or results online though as far as I know) and it showed they were the same.  I’m sure there are many people who have a spectrum analysis machine at work who could do this test… Kind of weird these results haven’t been made public.  The guy in the video sciences it, and his findings are visually pretty convincing.


I think a good 2nd test here would be to deep-fry fries or something by using only fireclean and see what it tastes like.  Right? haha

Here is the patent for fireclean apparently.  It talks a lot about vegetable oil.

A dude from a competing company called Weapon Shield talks on the subject and does a test:

Mother-Of-God-MemeI have no idea if either of those test are unbiased. I have no dog in this fight, and don’t own a skull bracelet, and don’t run WindowsXP, so my opinion on this really doesn’t matter.  Weapon Shield is looking pretty good in the above Weapon Shield video though. *shrug*


Gat tip: no uno