I’d laugh harder if this wasn’t already basically real life:

Yea, a lot of people seemingly can’t just insert a magazine into a firearm anymore.  So many Instagram cELeBriTieS with their “tRaiNiNG” do this all the time… yea sure some of them do it as a joke, but there are plenty that are dead serious.

I’m happy to see Freddiew still making videos.  I thought he was too rich for this type of thing now.


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Holy this is intense:

I would like to try this in person.  Not having tried VR before, isn’t it kind of weird you’re not actually feeling the objects you pick up, but instead you’re just gripping those weird control wants?  Or is it that immersive that your brain is fooled?  Im really surprised they haven’t done a Nintendo powerglove style thing you just wear, instead of these handheld controllers.

In case you didn’t notice, those are the freddiew guys (who used to do the cool videos with special effects).  I had no idea they were VR programming geniuses.


Gat tip: Allen


No guns allowed in London, but magic projectile shooting umbrellas are:

Damn, freddiew is getting really good at these action sequences!  He always was good, but they are definitely getting better.

Behind the scenes:

haha those guys have a lot of fun doing what they do.

Kingsman-MovieI had not previously heard of the Kingsman movie, but after watching the trailer and seeing that secret room, various other awesome stuff, and the new york reload holster at 2:08… I want to see the movie haha.  Looks like it will be in theaters February 13th.

I wonder how much they get paid for something like this… $15k?  $100k?  Seems like a lot of work, and a lot of people involved so it must be a fairly decent amount I’m guessing.



Freddiew takes it to the streets of L.A.:

Behind the scenes:

freddiew-youtubePretty cool.  Always good to see a new video up from Freddie.

Tilt shift photography has always fascinated me.


Freddiew and his buddy with some Equilibrium style gun kata:

Freddiew-EOTech-TrollThat was fun.  Awesome to see Freddie back with a gun related video.  We haven’t seen much from him lately, which I’m assuming only means he’s been incredibly busy not making videos for free and probably has a large client list.

Great use of dual Deagle brand deagles.



Freddiew and his bros with a knife tricks vid:

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsNot bad… not bad… the physics were a bit off though so I could tell that it was shopped.

Telling kids not to try something at home basically guarantees they will try it at home.