Freedom Tools

In the USA at least they have the freedom to be the tools they are:

I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in, the instructors or the students.  Both exhibit mind blowing levels of derp. Yea I agree portrait mode video is derpy as well, but at least this was documented.

Freedom Tools popped smoke and did the facebook delete maneuver to avoid the blow back.  Good call haha.  Another training company who apparently were the hosts of this group called West Texas Shooting Academy are taking the brunt of the abuse now.    Here is their official statement from the facebook page:

Ladies and gentlemen yesterday I posted a video of a training class that was held yesterday. I am catching a lot of flack for this class. I want to break this down for everyone because the information and statements that are being posted are not truthful.

Here is the situation, I own West Texas Shooting Academy. We have a shooting league that meets twice a month. Yesterday we invited Matthew Bennett the lead instructor from Freedom Tools to conduct a room clearing drill. I made a mistake, I never watched, or went through a class with them. I do not teach any military, or tactical training, only basics, and fundamentals. The video is part of the drill that that Matthew was teaching. This was his class, West Texas Shooting Academy was finished with our portion of the scheduled training for the day. The reason they “Freedom Tools” were there, was so we “West Texas Shooting Academy” could observe one of their classes, in hopes of working with them. Obviously this is not going to happen. We will not have them back for any other classes. Again, I take responsibility for inviting them to do a demo class. We are a great school and resource for anyone wanting training on safety, basics, and fundamentals. I stand by that statement as tall as i can!

If you feel the need to comment, or bash anyone for this particular class, please address the company and instructor that were in charge of the instruction.

I appreciate the fact the owner of the hosting company is getting out in front of this.  As an owner of something though it’s kind of your responsibility to make sure if it has your name attached to it you’re happy with the association.  Shitty he didn’t do any due diligence.

Freedom-Tools-TrainingThe original poster of the video on Facebook is Brooke Adams, who as you can see by the comments if you click through that link is absolutely shitting a brick over the entire situation (rightfully so).  What I do find priceless though is that she has some sort of affiliation with Jason Pike (Trident Tactical Solutions “Jostle king” / “Forward of the muzzle prince”), who if you remember from the top posts from the last two days is hardly a shining beacon of safety either.  haha if you’re into facebook maybe call her out on that.

Thoughts?  Would Charlie’s Angels pose with buddies at a Freedom Tools course once they re-surface?

Shout outs to my dude HighCapacityTV for the re-upload.

Gat tip: Anon


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