full metal jacket

Everyone is jumping on the Gagnam Style bandwagon:

I need to watch Full Metal Jacket again sometime.  I forget a lot of the scenes shown the video.

Insane how Gagnam Style has almost 609 million views.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Gunny shows up, yells for 5 seconds, and gets paid:

Good commercial, would have been better with swearing though.  I like how R. Lee Ermey’s epic role in Full Metal Jacket will continue to get him paid until he dies.



According to Ermey, he was fired by Geico because he bashed President Barack Obama in December 2010, saying his administration was trying to “impose socialism” on the American people and was “destroying the country.”

Source – TMZ

If you don’t remember R. Lee Ermey’s Geico commercial where he played a therapist you can check it out here.

Is it legal to fire someone because of their political beliefs?  My guess is that wasn’t the official reason, so I’m surprised he even said that on camera.

Hat tip: Rick


Somebody picked the wrong house:

Pretty big fail when he pulls the G17 out of the safe, and it has the trigger depressed (0:17).   Not a lot of good that will do!   Kind of a big thing to overlook when your target market is people that know guns.

Somebody picked the wrong diner:

I hope Gunny takes some time out to enjoy his old age, and not just be one of those guys that will continue to work until the day he dies!

All the appearances etc. that he does must get pretty exhausting.

I wonder if Glock needs a hype man? I should apply.


These are too good:

R. Lee Ermey will never have time to retire at the rate he’s going. It seems his in more commercials, and making more appearances now than ever!

The game looks like it might be a lot of fun.

You can buy Bulletstorm – HERE