In case you’re wondering where shes from… she was the Playboy “Playmate Of The Year” in 2007.

Hahahah she did NOT like that flame thrower. She really seemed to have fun shooting everything else though, and actually seemed to hold her own for the most part.

Sara Underwood’s Wikipedia page – HERE

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Maybe i’d start watching TV again if all the commercials were that awesome.

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If they made this type of infantry experience available to civilians as a weekend camp, I think it would be pretty popular. I’m thinking rich business men would be down for this kind of adrenaline rush.

They should start the training out with an R. Lee Ermey “Full Metal Jacket” style reaming.

Damn good idea to have such realistic training. Better to learn from your mistakes in training then do potentially die or become a liability in real combat.

Strategic Operations website – HERE

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11 Videos on YouTube from Ruger that cover the history of firearms:

Don’t worry, the videos are not at all loaded with Ruger propaganda… quite the opposite actually.


Full Metal Jacket vs StarWars movie mash up:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgFgEqm3o60[/youtube]

LOL R. Lee Ermey as Vader… Priceless.


Developed by Colt back in the 1930s. The rate of fire is listed at 700 rounds per minute (For comparison, the Glock 18 ROF is 1200 rounds per minute):

The curved magazine is pretty unique looking on a handgun!

Notorious gangster John Dillinger (who the recent movie Public Enemies is based on) and his gang had a similar weapon in their arsenal, only theirs was converted to .38 super.

Notice the fully auto M1911A1 has the same foregrip as Dillinger’s Thompson Sub machine gun does in the movie poster.  This is obviously for better controll with such a high rate of fire.

There are a number of pictures of the Dillinger M1911A1 floating around, but this one is the best quality I have saved (Click picture to enlarge):

Pretty classy looking if you ask me!

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