Did FN and Future coordinate the release of this song (and album) to coincide with SHOT show?  If so, it’s pure genius:

Genius has the lyrics if you want to read along.

CERTIFIED BANGER 🥇.  Is FN playing it at their booth? At least the chorus?  I really wish I wasn’t asking that without already knowing the answer is DEFINITELY NOT.  I can’t even imagine being given that type of marketing for free.  Glock notably gets it for free all the time too (probably the most out of any other firearm brands).  If I owned any of these gun companies you better believe I’d be reposting IG videos and pics, making weekly Spotify playlists up with all the mentions etc..

I still can’t believe Drake shouted out the foldybois over at FuLL cOnCeAL.

The whole new Future album “The Wizrd” is up for free on all streaming services and on Youtube. If you’re into rap, I definitely recommend checking it out.


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Coupled with a healthy diet, this would a step toward reducing childhood obesity:

Hopefully in the future, we well get past those dumb looking Playstaion Move guns, and more towards game guns patterned after real rifles.

If augmented reality games like that were available today, what would you be willing to pay?



Saudi special forces display some of their skills and equipment during a ceremony as they prepare for the influx people to participate in the Hajj, in Arafat 15 kms outside of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009. (AP Photo/Issa Mohammad)

Wow.. These guys look like they are from the future with those googles.

Lets see… HK G36C rifles, handguns likely Glocks or HKs in the drop leg holster by the looks of it, Optics.. Aimpoint comp M4 with the 3x magnifier.  Elbow pads, but no kneepads.

The best part is that the guy right in front obviously didn’t get the memo about putting your pant stirrups inside your shoe not outside, so he managed to break one of his :(




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The costs on this chart obviously aren’t adjusted for inflation.  Interesting though nevertheless.