Haven’t heard anything new from Tactical Tunes in a while. This is why:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomThe curse of the YouTube name change?  Just a lul in creativity?

Damn I kept thinking he would rhyme writers block with “Glock” and turn it into a gun song.

Tactical Tunes is wearing the M16 selector switch t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.


Tactical Tunes x Vigilant Spectre:

Those are TACTICAL AS _ _ _ _.

ICP-MagnetsOperators be like “BUT BUT it will magnetize my gun and cause it to malfunction because of tiny metal filings stuck to the internals!”  Valid concern?  I doubt those magnets have the strength to do anything crazy, but I also only have my Bachelors in Magnet Science, not my PhD.

Available over at Tactical Assault Gear “The Operators Choice” <— LOL it actually says that.  Priced from $28 to $50 depending on how many pouches you want.




Tactical Tunes talks about the struggle of both sides:

Thanks TTunes… check behind the flower pot in your back yard for the duffle bag full of cash *wink wink*.

Good song.  The harmonizing he did at the end (over a second voice track of himself?) sounded cool.

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomYou can buy all the t-shirts Tactical Tunes is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.

For some reason when I see subtitles hardcoded into videos I sometimes don’t like them. I kind of miss them on his song ones though when they aren’t there. I wonder how hard it is to run subs you can toggle on YouTube. I suppose I could just google that.



FXHummel1 is rebranding:

I never did know what a “FXHummel” was… I suppose I could have asked but I always assumed it was something to do with special effects, which I didn’t know he was into.

I do like the name “Tactical Tunes” a lot, it has a nice ring to it and like he said it definitely describes more accurately what he actually does.  It does sound more like a site or a business than a person though.

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirtTactical Tunes is wearing the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in Brown.



Make sure to look for him there:

Oh wait… *scratches head* maybe he isn’t.  I can’t be sure after hearing the song. Maybe head over to his YouTube channel and ask him.

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsYou can grab the M16 fire selector switch t-shirt he’s wearing, from ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.



FXhummel1 stays draped in the finest luxury operating equipment:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomMaking ENDO Apparel look good as always.  Any of you that follow the blog know what a big fan I am of FXhummel1, and know that he has been a big supporter of mine as well for a long time.

I’m really happy he included ENDO Apparel as his “Favorite Gear”.  If you click his name in the heading to be transported to his channel you can find out about more of his favorite gear.