Mattv2099 got festive:

futurama_santa-gun3:57 – LOL.  That should be a selectable feature… firing the slide off.

I can’t help but be reminded when I watch his vids, why I always buy new rather than used items.

What do you think the possibility that Gaston knows who Mattv2099 is?  I think it’s quite possible.  I’d love to see them meet a SHOT some year, and Gaston be like a real gentleman about it and a huge fanboy and want a picture with Matt.  He would then offer to fly Matt out to Austria to see production and give one of every new model that ever comes out for his own Trollture T&E, as long as he reports back with the results.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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After a seven-year relationship and a few days after his 82nd Birthday entrepreneur married Gaston Glock, the 31-year-old Kathrin Veldenerin Tschikof.


Gaston actually looks pretty healthy for 82, hopefully he’s got a decade or more left in him.   If she does one thing, it should be to push him to make a rifle before his time is up.

/end glock fanboy rant.


Someone decided to have a little fun with a Penny Arcade Comic:

Original – HERE


Spotted by member gimp2x at an airport near Glock’s U.S. headquarters in Smyrna, GA:

the pilots are both named christian, flight attendants looked like supermodels

As in most Glock related threads, hilarity ensued:

How long after those pictures were taken did the aircraft explode? (Madcap72)

Advanced polymer fuselage that goes Ka Boom when you reach 32,000 feet. (glockkaboom)

Yeah apparently you can run these planes through mud and sand, they will still fly even underwater, but its better to get the maritime spring cups for it. (koorva)

Some more jokes over at GlockTalk:

I hope the toilet seat doesn’t have the rough texture finish. (Aaron Geisler)

Ya know, on a plane, I might want RTF lavatory seats. Just in case the flight gets a bit turbulent, I want extra griping power.  Now, if the toilet paper has an RTF feel to it….. (BMG22)

According to wikipedia, the Bombardier Global Express goes for $45 million.  That’s a lot of Glocks!  I imagine most people that spend $45million on a plane probably spend another couple million at least upgrading it.

Plane enthusiasts in the thread were saying this is most likely a corporate jet, and that Gaston is known to have a smaller Cessna Citation X for his own personal use. thread – HERE

GlockTalk thread – HERE