Probably one of the few things involving “Guns” and “Flowers” in the same sentence which the hippies WOULDN’T embrace.

Some damn nice looking Lugers in the mix. That is a gun I definitely want to own some day, the grip angle looks like it would take some getting used to though.


About the young man he had to kill when fighting at the Battle of the Bulge:


The video was made by Rauch Bros. Animation in conjunction with StoryCorps, whos “mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.”  I’m gonna have to take a better look around that site when I have more time, it sounds really amazing.


The same type of gun used to cook bacon, now in beautiful slow motion with fitting music:


The first part where he only shot 3 – 5 rounds at a time was kind of weak. I’m glad he kicked it up a notch later on.


CONNEAUT, Ohio – Michelle Pryor said early Monday morning their German shepherd Sirus began barking so she let him out and was stunned when she heard gunfire outside the home.  Sirus got shot in the chest and on the muzzle between his eyes.

Full Story – HERE

The dog sure doesn’t look any worse for wear in the video, I’m he is alright!

It’s stories like this that make me wish I had a dog.  German shepherds are my absolute favorite.  I’d have a couple of them in a heartbeat if I had a big yard for them to stay in.

Have any of your dogs helped you in a similar incident?


The watch sends a wireless arming signal to the gun. If the gun is picking up a signal from the watch, a green LED on the back lights up. Try squeezing the handle without wearing the watch, and you will see a red warning light and the gun will not fire. Anyone can pick up a limited edition version of the pistol for about 7,000 euro, which is pretty steep for a .22cal plinker. They start shipping next month. (Source – Wired)

7000 EUR = $9712 USD (at today’s exchange rate)… OUCH!

I know that I’m a watch snob, but that one just looks terrible!  What would have been wrong with using an RFID tag that you could just carry in your pocket that would communicate with the gun. The gun must take batteries too if it lights up, so there’s another thing to worry about.

I’d rather see electronics and guns stay away from each other in general, unless we are talking about railguns, those are awesome.

Armatix website – HERE

The page is in German, and for some reason does not cooperate with google translate.  I managed to navigate a bit on it though, and it looks like they sell a few other types of gun safety devices.



Below is the closest picture I could find bearing resemblance to the cardboard mock-up:

It is a German Half Track.  Pretty awesome…

More pictures and info of the real thing at the wiki – HERE