According to the pre-order website, Shark Jump Costa “curated” the shoot for the calendar:

2014-Gear-Girl-Calendar“curated” is such an overused term in the fashion / design world, I had not heard it applied to girls before though.  My initial thought was that it was kind of creepy in the context, but I guess it’s just a fancy way of saying he looked after them.  I have no info on whether or not these girls will be wearing derp ninja turtle satchels or tactical arm tape.  Might see some product placement of that type in the mix though, who knows? haha

Will this calendar be as good as Hot Shots?  Doubtful.  I’ll save judgement though until I see both of them.

You can pre-order the calendar for $13 at Tactical Distributors.


Hat tip: Ron


*facepalm* he even uses his daughter to video-title troll:

Her advice on how to best appendix carry a handgun:

  • She recommends TWO tank-tops underneath a shirt.  Maybe she doesn’t sweat, but I’d die if I had 3 layers of clothing on in summer.  Sounds like a pain in the ass to worry about it when drawing the gun too.
  • Wear a shirt with a pattern on it to break-up the shape of the gun.  Fair enough, although someone needs to tell that family a better place to buy t-shirts *cough* ENDO Apparel *cough*
  • Tuck the handle of the gun into your waistband.  She claims it only adds 0.5 seconds to her draw.  Maybe, but I don’t know if that’s such a great idea under stress, especially with 3 layers worth of shirts on.

Surprisingly enough at the time of writing this Yeager still has comments enabled.  So he can’t take the heat in his own video comments, but will let people troll his daughter?  Nice haha.

I could be wrong but I think he mentioned before that Kayla was his step daughter, which would explain why she didn’t get his token shoulder roll.


If this is where the zombie craze is headed now, I’m on board:

The calendar is from everyone’s favorite morale patch mad scientist MIL-SPEC Monkey.

The calendar will be released early November. I wish I had a use for paper calendars, but sadly I do not.



These videos all have a creepy vibe to them:

The Hot Shots girls are more relevant to my interests than these girls.  At least the girls at Hot Shots look like they are having a good time… whereas these Guns And Lace girls just look like they are being paid or forced to do the videos.  Almost all the music choices give me the creeps too haha.

You can check out more pictures and video over on the Guns And Lace website if that’s what you’re into.



Erika talks about her journey to fem-operator status, and equality:

I don’t know why they wouldn’t link to the original FateOfDestinee video, or even acknowledge that it was her that did it.  Just “a girl did a video”… interesting.

Erika has the exact opposite view and experience as FateOfDestinee.  Erika is extremely confident though, so i’m sure a lot of guys are scared of her and her skills when they see her at the range.  Don’t get me wrong, FateOfDestinee seems confident too, but just on more of a girl next door level.

I still watch all cory07ink’s vids… sure I made fun of a few of them too (for good reasons I think), but Erika has come a very long way.  Those two are a tactical power couple if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m just waiting for Cory to put a five carat diamond depleted uranium picatinny railed ring with platinum accents with on that finger, and propose to her while repelling from a helicopter into a james-yeager-photographers-down-range-to-capture-the-moment mock gun battle scenario.



The gun store guys handle some pink guns and show alternatives:

I really think the whole “pink” conniption some people have is hilarious.  In general i’d say women like pink as a color, so why wouldn’t manufacturers make guns in that color?  The bottom line is if that color didn’t sell, no one would offer it.  They don’t make burgundy colored firearms for either sex for a reason…. or do they? :P

No thoughts on shooting illegal Mexicans immigrants in this particular video, so that was refreshing. I still can’t believe they went there.

Thoughts?  Ever see a guy with a pink gun?