Google glass is an amazing concept… but I foresee being annoyed with an increasing number of people when it goes mainstream.  Glassholes:


I already find people can’t handle doing things on their cellphone in public while being normal.  Why do I want to walk behind a whole group of people going 1/2 speed looking down at their phones texting?  Why do I have to thoughtfully dodge people who aren’t looking where they are going while looking down?  Don’t they know I’ve got better shit to do like eat crepes and make fun of stuff online?  I picture the mainstream adoption of Google glass creating a whole new category of annoying people.  Most of these people will probably not fully jump onboard glass initially, so they will be walking around with a cellphone still too.  This will basically mean they will be in the matrix and have no idea what’s actually going on in the real world.  Yea I’ll probably just quit leaving the house eventually in order to keep my sanity.  I recently found a good woodfire pizza place that delivers and I can get liquor delivered to my door, so as you can see I’m pretty much set.

Oh yea and if you want that crosshairs add-on, or an number of other douchy addons you can check out this guy’s kickstarer campaign.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys have Google Glass yet?


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