glock talk

In an unprecedented ballsy move, Springfield Armory bought up a TON of advertising space on one of my favorite forums GlockTalk , and which I also happen to have a small ad on.

For those that are not familiar with Springfield, they are one of Glock’s main competitors, and have been working hard at getting their new XDM line of polymer pistols out there into the hands of both Law Enforcement and civilians.

I’m not sure if there are any users on GlockTalk that have not heard of Springfield Armory, but if they havent then it will be pretty hard to miss one of their banners.

The very top banner, and the middle one are on random rotation, but the right and left side banners are static and will appear on every page!

I wonder if Glock ads will start appearing on Sprinfield forums such as XDtalk?   It’s your move Gaston… your move…