Never change firearms community… never change 😂:.  This thing clips your HAWG brand holster into an empty seatbelt receiver.  BAWS HAWG walks us through it:

You know you’re dealing with a PATENT PENDING piehitter accessory when it has a handful of additional uses.. none of which (likely?) anyone is going to use.  In this case.. Hex drivers, 1/4″ wrench, 3/8″ wrench, Bottle opener, 2” ruler, Medical oxygen bottle wrench, Other handy wrenches.  YOU LOVE TO SEE IT.  In the demo video his seatbelt is really stiff, which works well.  A lot of cars have the floppy ones though which definitely wouldn’t be as good.  I don’t think the idea in general is bad at all, it’s just the random other built in crap that’s hilarious.  First thing I thought of when I saw “medical oxygen bottle wrench” is 1911 enthusiasts 😂..  The paracord for anti-rattle is the icing on the cake.  Smart low cost idea to stop the rattle actually, but so piehitter cliche at the same time.  Again.. I love it.

$20 over at HAWG Holsters.  The price is right… go buy one for each of your empty seats and send me a video.  Cross-draw bros are gonna love it too because they can just clip it in the receiver the opposite way.

Thoughts?  How long until someone clips it into an automatic seatbelt just to see the gun go for a ride when they shut the door?  Free game for you BAWS HAWG.

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