greg bokor

Oh and of course this is to “help” the victims of the Newtown, CT massacre:

The artwork’s finished form is in the hands of the people who this is empowering. Will it be fully erased? How long will it take? The entire process, of both the drawing and the erasing will be filmed in time-lapsed still frames. A video will be created, and if time is remaining in ArtPrize it will be shown next to the piece. The video will be available for viewing on youtube. Look up erase.

Like all useless ideas… a mandatory Kickstarter fundraiser was initiated to raise money.   You can read more about this ArtPrize 2013 entry, titled ERASE at the link if you care.  Interactive installations… so hot right now… interactive installations.  2000 erasers to no doubt symbolize the 2000 deaths from high capacity assault clips which happen every second in the United States.

I like the idea of a 20×8 foot AR-15, but the whole “lets be edgy and get people to erase it” thing is yawn-worthy.  Plus he’s projecting the AR-15 then just penciling in what he sees… a 4 year old could do that.

If I was anywhere near Grand Rapids, MI I’d show up there with one of those giant erases ‘for really big mistakes’ and be like “FUCK YOUR ART PROJECT SON” and hit it with the quickness.

I think the hardest part about being a unknown artist would be convincing yourself that what you’re doing is actually worth getting up in the morning for, and that people actually care.


There are two other gun related entries at ArtPrize 2013… a low effort victims of gun violence shrine, and a cool looking fiberglass 1911.



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