Gregory Girard

Hoplophobia (pronounced /ˌhɒplɵˈfoʊbiə/), from the Greek hoplon, or weapon, is defined as the “fear of firearms”

A Manchester-by-the-Sea man who allegedly had a cache of weapons in his home told police he was preparing for Armageddon, authorities said.

Armageddon? SHTF?  OMG OMG and he had a stockpile of dried and canned goods as well? and medicine!  Last time I checked it was called “Being Prepared”

Gregory D. Girard, 45, was arrested Tuesday night for allegedly storing several tear gas grenades and explosive pepper ball projectiles. He was also charged with the illegal possession of four police batons.

Police batons are illegal devices?  Considering you can buy them off the internet and get them shipped straight to your home I highly doubt it.

In addition to the grenade-type devices, police found approximately 20 weapons, including high-powered rifles, shotguns, and handguns. All of the firearms were purchased and registered legally within the past 10 months, McKiel said.

So… why was he arrested???

Police also found a large collection of camouflage clothing, knives, bulletproof vests, helmets, and eight pairs of handcuffs in Girard’s home. They also discovered stockpiles of medicine and non-perishable foods. An illegal indoor shooting range was also found in the attic, police said.

To be fair, an indoor attic shooting range is pretty stupid (not that I wouldn’t like one with the proper ventilation and safety measures to make sure no shots go where they shouldn’t).  Sounds like it was just a makeshift one where he shot at a ballistic plate (see video below)


The video is laughable.

Looks like the cause of the arrest is “Spousal Hoplophobia” :P.  He is better off without her.

He has an impressive collection.  Hope this all blows over for him and he gets his guns and freedom back.

Boston Globe Full Story – HERE

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