grenade launcher

Hickok45 gets to have all the fun:

Hickok45-YoutubeMRRAAAAHHHHH Newton’s 3rd Law.  I can imagine the recoil would be quite stern.

I love how all the birds at his range are so used to gunfire.  Their song’s didn’t even skip a note when he fired.

Someone needs to turn this into a badass game of long range lawn darts by getting a handful of those things and duct taping KA-BARs onto them.



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Aaargo Jay has Wisconsin law all figured out:


0:30 – Wait… a background check?!  That’s bullshit… I’ll continue to get my LAW rocket launchers from shady guys on craigslist through face to face transfers.

He will be shooting down police helicopters and blowing up armored cars in no time.

If you want the 5.56x45mm t-shirt Jay has on I’m pretty low on stock of the black version right now, but you can add yourself to the list, they’ll be back soon.  Lost of other good shirts to pick from over at ENDO Apparel though!



Oh wait… never mind, just a couple AR-15s and a 37mm flare launcher *facepalm*:

Source – KING5

Seattle Police said they recovered a grenade launcher and automatic weapons in their Thursday night raid of a house in Eastlake. Officers found two AR-15 assault rifles, one of which was equipped with a military style grenade launcher.

Good work guys… *slow clap* I know i’ll sleep better tonight knowing a recreational firework launcher is off the streets.

Blog reader Sean D. took it upon himself to deliver an email smackdown to reporter Jim Forman from KING5 news.  Here it is:

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